Bandgap Tutorials: Connection Methods

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How to make electrical connections with the Self-Adhesive Connectors and Temporary Masking/Connection Pads

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We have developed a professional overmolded connector which can be used to make electrical connections to spray-application electroluminescent panels as well as to EMI/RF shielding materials. These connectors are IP65 water-resistant (and can be made to pass IP68 with a modified method, contact us for more details). Masking of the backplane and bus bar connection points is done using 5x10mm temporary masking/connection pads, which leave an exposed rectangular connection point of the same size.

For the application of the conductive top coat (CTC), it is generally desirable to supply power to the panel. This is now easier than ever. With the application of two new pairs of temporary connector pads, sandwiching fanned-out stranded wires, a temporary connection can be made to the panel. These temporary masking/connector pads are really innexpensive at under £0.17 each and whilst we include 10 of these with the connector pairs, we recommend you buy some spares in these handy packs of 50.

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